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Heather's Exclusive Stamps


In her search for the perfect stamping image, Heather has developed a line of her own. Produced locally, these high quality stamps include scripting, nature & seasonal themes. Be patient while this page opens, there are a great deal of pictures to see...but they are all worth the wait. 


Pass your mouse over each image for more information on product number & print size. Images with borders have sample graphics for viewing, just click on them to see the beautiful work that can be done using Heather's exclusives.

 Available for all to purchase, but wholesale enquires are welcome.


What would you like to see?   


For a quick reference guide to our retail pricing click here

Three Tulips 139E
Calla Lily
Floral Stem HSH326I 154E
Calla Lilly
Cherry Blossom Stem 157N
Rectangle Floral Frame
Oval Floral Frame 159CU
4 Floral Cube 257M
Jug of Flowers
Floral Background
Leaf Garland Decor 273D
Flower 276B
Nature Girl 283F
Leaf Mask
159CU (4 on a cube)
Flowers 005S 1 x   
Flower Set 318M
Dragon Fly Circle 309F
Fancy Mask
089C 1  x  
Florette #3 088C 1  x  
Florette #2 087A  x  
Florette #1 079N 3  x 3  
Pine Wreath
066M 4 x 3 
Spruce Solid 080D 1  x 1  
Pine Sprig 067M 4 x 3 
Spruce Outline 064D 1  x 1  
Poinsettia (sm)  
065L 3  x 3 
Poinsettia (lg)
Feather 008H 2  x 2   
Ivy Corner (lg) 030F 2 x 2 
Grass 060M  2 x 4  
Birch Grove (lg) 
061G 1  x 3 
Birch Grove (sm)
007E 2 x 1  
Ivy Corner (sm) 090C 1  x 1  
Holly Sprig 026E 2  x 1 
Rose 012M 3 x 3  
Fir Tree
059M 2  x 4  
Morning Glory 058C 1  x  
Holly 056H 2  x 2  
Tree Silhouette
101A 1  x  
Leaves 167C
Celtic Thistle (small)
Celtic Thistle (large) 102A 1  x  
Floral Cube


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Phone: (613) 726-0030,
Fax: (613) 726-9432

e-mail: info@heathersstamping.com

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